I come from a marketing background and have quite a bit of experience with a variety of major PR agencies. Cheryl has been the best Public Relations Specialist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you are looking for results, vision and exceptional integrity look no further than Cheryl Tessier. She is fantastic and we highly recommend her.
— Thom King, President & CEO, Steviva Brands
As a marketing professional in the food and beverage industry I have worked with Cheryl for the past 3 years. She is an amazing business leader who patiently taught me the rules and etiquette of the PR world. Her passion for PR is infectious. I truly believe I am stronger marketing professional because of all she has taught me. Not only is Cheryl connected to the right people but she is also an excellent writer, proof reader and strategic planner. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Cheryl again in the future because she truly is one-of-a-kind.
— Teresa Olah, (former) Marketing Director, Sensient Flavors North America
Cheryl runs rings around nearly every PR/Marketing person in the business. One of the most frustrating things for an editor is not being responded to. The second-most, being responded to days after making contact. The third, being responded to ineptly, incorrectly or incompetently. Time was, 99 out of 100 PR people would commit at least one of these infractions. The past six months have seen a sharp decline in service PR agents are giving their clients, to where most are hitting all three failure points. 
While her cohorts are devolving into chaos, Cheryl is seizing the day and serving her clients with rare professionalism. She’s an asset to anyone, but all the more to editors who always are on deadline.
— David Feder, RD, Executive Editor-Technical, Prepared Foods Network/NutraSolutions.com; Founder, S/F/B Communications Group
As an editor and writer, I have been able to rely upon Cheryl, who handled two clients from whom I desperately needed expert commentary. She is so reliable and I am grateful for all her professional assistance I needed to write a great article. Hire her!
— Lisa Schofield, Owner, WorDesigns and Writing and Editing Consultant